People say I believe, I have faith but sometimes it’s just spoken words with no action. Let’s try this, before you say it, concentrate n that thing  for 2 seconds and when you have that right  feeling, say I believe it with a large smile, and what ever you are believing shall come to pass. 


Words are very powerful, from a good heart they are inspiring, beautiful, good and sweet to the hearer. From a sad heart, they are broken words, from a wicked and eveil heart, they are thongs to the flesh.

That is why Luke 6:45b (NLT) says, “What you say flows from what is in your heart”.  For everything good or bad starts from within. I urge you today to guard your heart everyday with the word of God, positive and inspiring books and love. Focus on speaking positive, good and inspiring words to yourself and everyone.

choose wisely

It is true that friends are like diamonds that are hard find and the foes who claim to be friend are everywhere. but if i should ask, which one are you, the ones that feed of others or add, or the ones that encourage or discourage, the one who gives wrong counsel or the right one, and so on. I ask because not many defines the true meaning of friendship. It takes God and a matured heart to show, give and follow the true example of friendship. I may not be the best of them all, but i can gladly and boldly say God has shown the true essence of friendship. I pray we follow it to the end and i believe we would make less foes and more friends.

The mind

It says, “how can I do this”, the other says, “why me“, the third says, “I give up”, the last one says, “I made it”, “things are going smoothly”, “wow, what a lovely day”. Wait a minute, look, it all happens in on man’s mind, millions of thoughts yet no one to settle for, the Bible says, “whatever a man thinketh, so he is”, take a deep breath, look at your inner man and speak to it to be still, then think afresh, then it will be still as long as you think positive and  forget about the negative thoughts.


Noble men and women, God is yet to begin his story about your life, he has been prepaing you to listen to it, but , you have been too busy and considered his story boring, fables and useless. But no, it is a story that will give you joy, peace, prosperity and also will show you a path to your destiny and future. So listen and get the benefits from it because it will be your testimony.

To be Successful

“For every man to be successful, he has to pay the price to achieve that success. This depends on the type of success he needs. If it be of God, then he chose to be patient, enduring and obedient, but if it be otherwise, then he has chosen the shortcut to pain, sorrow and death. So i plead with you to choose wisely for the path to success depends on your decision.


To the ears, it is just a word that sounds pleasing, to the eyes, it is what you see, you get, to the mouth, it is how many times it has been said, but to the mind, it is  were everything said needs to to evaluated, rejected and accepted. It has been said it endures, overlooks, it’s patience, kind and tolerable, and also know that it is forever, but the problem is the person who says it, they say but don’t practice it  .i wonder if  they can posses all the qualities of love,  show to to others and remain that way forever? that is left for one to answer.But i believe , one can be all of that if he/she decides to be and as the saying goes” the way you  are attract same kind of people you want to be around you”. So if you are  or do all of what love says then you will get what love offers.